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Press Releases

Telecel widens roaming coverage in the United States

Since October 15, Telecel Customers can use BellSouth Mobility DCS network for roaming in the following states and cities in the United States:
Alabama (Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile); Florida (Daytona Beach, Orlando, Melbourne, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Key West); Georgia (Atlanta, Macon, Augusta, Savannah); Kentucky (Lexinton, Louisville); Louisiana (Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans); Mississippi (Jackson, Tupelo); Tennessee (Chattanooga, Memphis, Nashville); North Carolina and South Carolina.

For using this operator network, Customers must rent GSM 1900 telephones.

On the other hand, since Omnipoint – the other north American operator with whom Telecel had already established agreements – has widened its coverage area, Customers can use roaming in New York and Newark cities, as well as in the states of New England in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in South Florida (county of Miami-Dade, county of Broward, county of Palm Beach) and in the cities of Albany, Syracuse, Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley.

Telecel roaming service is available in 50 countries, in the networks of 88 operators.