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New Service Reuters Telecel

The Customers from Telecel will be able to use, from the next Friday onwards (the 13th of March), a new financial information service which will be available from their mobile phones at all times and everywhere. This service, jointly developed by Telecel and Reuters, is exclusive, and it allows its users to have information on the prices of a wide range of financial instruments, such as shares, interest rates, foreign exchange and stock exchange index.

It is a new service, with neither a subscription nor a monthly fee. The user only needs to be a Customer from one of Telecel’s regular tariff plans (Especial, Valor, Normal or Mais) and needs to have a phone which has to have a capacity to send and receive written messages (SMS).

Its use is very simple: a written message has to be sent to the number 1510, with the code of the information required and, in a matter of seconds, the Customer will receive in his phone a written message with the answer, giving the required information. The user of the Reuters Telecel service may seek information from several securities on the same message or make up a list of securities. The service may also be used abroad, if the network of the operator being utilised has the Written Message Service (SMS).

One of the most interesting characteristics of this service is the possibility of programming alarms which will allow its Customers to receive a written message when the value of a given financial instrument goes beyond the limits of an interval, previously defined by the user. It is also possible to set up programmed messages, that is, the reception of a written message with the value of certain securities, in days and times to be set by the user.