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Telecel introduces “Vitamin R” Team

In “Four by Four”, there will be five pairs of pilots who will defend the colours of TELECEL’s Vitamin R and Motorola, in the “Four by Four” National Championship: Thomaz Mello Breyner/Jaime Baptista; Luis Dias/Nuno Barreiros; António Bayona/Rui Brito, Nuno Rocha/Pedro Tavares and Maria do Céu Pires de Lima/Joyce Cardoso.

In two wheels, Luis Serra is the pilot Vitamin R and Motorola participating in the Enduro National Championships, 4×4 and Motocross and Bernardo Villar is the pilot Vitamin R and Motorola participating in Tunisia Rally and Granada/Dakar Rally.

In the Karting National Championship, Vitamin R and Motorola will sponsor young pilots Lourenço Beirão da Veiga, Eduardo Gaspar da Silva and André Pestana, who will run namely in the categories Intercontinental A, Junior and International A.

In the National Jet-Ski Championship the Team Vitamin R and Motorola will have as members Paulo Martins, in the Class Super-Runabout and Raquel Machado, in the Class Runabout.

The sponsoring and creation of Vitamin R team pretends to draw the attention to a product without monthly fees that, developed under the concept of “closed group of users”, allows Customers to communicate between Vitamins R for a lower price than for any other destination, with cost control, and where Customers are quickly identified through Telecel phone number, since all numbers start with “4”.

The whole campaign of Vitamin R a statement defining the product positioning strategy, towards the target universe leverages launching and continuity: VITAMIN R. IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT, YOU’RE OUT.

With these initiatives Telecel wishes to create a great affinity with the target Customers of Vitamin R, who has traditionally shown a special interest in motorised sports, through a professional project of great dimension, that if it will have the desirable return through the involvement of the sportive authorities, pilots and media, will represent a great incentive for new projects, sponsored by enterprises, to come up in Portugal, providing a great contribution for developing the national motorised sports.