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Press Releases

Telecel – Total Roaming for Vitamina Customers

Since September 7, Customers of Vitamina services can use their telephones in all the countries covered by Telecel roaming service, almost in the whole world, using Total Roaming Service for Vitamina Customers. Our service provides the same possibilities for communicating abroad, that Customers from regular tariff plans already had.

For accessing “Total Roaming”, Customers of Vitamina services must ask to join the new service. Total Roaming Service for Vitamina Customers is post-paid, with the invoices of roaming communications being sent for payment after communication is done.

Customers of Vitamina services already benefit from the possibility of using prepaid roaming in Spain since 1997. In this case, the value of calls is immediately deducted in the total amount available in the telephone.

Telecel roaming service is now available in 70 countries in Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, India, Oceania and Pacific, through agreements with 132 international cellular communications operators.