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Press Releases

Telecel presents new technology at Expotelecom

Telecel is to present some of the most innovative services and technology for mobile communications available in Portugal at the Expotelecom Fair, held at FIL (Lisbon International Fair) from 8 to 12 November. Amongst the highlights are the new Free Time Service, Unified Messaging and the different uses of GPRS already on the market, in addition to the innovative HSCSD technology, which increases the speed of data transmission.

Telecel will also demonstrate the recently launched Cellular Locating Service, which is an international pioneer. Also on display will be Telecel’s business services: integrated voice, data and Internet solutions based on mobile and fixed technology.

Telecel’s new Free Time Service will be presented in its pilot phase at Expotelecom. The service enables free calls to be made to any national network for one and a half minutes, provided that the Customer listens to a thirty-second advertisement. To access this service Telecel Customers have simply to dial 12012, listen to the advertisement and then ring the number for a free call. The call is automatically disconnected after one and a half minutes.

The Multimedia Mailing Service, internationally known as Unified Messaging, enables Telecel Customers to see all their voice, fax and email messages on a user friendly Internet page, ensuring a simple and easy to use service. In the future this Telecel service will also allow electronic mail to be heard on the cellular telephone by means of text-to-speech technology. Likewise, spoken messages can be converted into electronic mail and/or faxes using speech-to-text technology.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology, launched by Telecel in September, enables the transmission of data through packets in line with the IP communication protocols used in the Internet world. Therefore, the Customers can be permanently on-line without having to keep a telephone call active, enabling, for example, notification to be given immediately upon reception of an email.

Telecel will present its first product available on the market using this technology – the Combi Motorola Timeport 260 – sold at 29,900 escudos (149.14 euros), with 5,000 escudos (24.94 euros) of calls included. The service is part of the Total Pack 60 30-tariff plan, Private Pack 240 or above plan and Local, Normal or More plans. This product includes a commitment to remain with the Telecel network for 24 months. The WAP service on GPRS is free until 31 December 2000.

Brand new in Portugal, the HSCSD (High-Speed Circuit Switched Data) service is more new technology being exhibited on the Telecel stand at the Telecommunications Fair. The equipment already available on the market and which provides the HSCSD functionality enables data transmission at speeds of up to 28.8 Kbps, three times faster than the current 9.6 Kbps.

Telecel’s recently launched Cellular Locating Service is an international pioneer and is also on display at Expotelecom. It is a tool designed for the business segment that allows the location of cellular phones on the scheme to be obtained. The major benefits of this service are the low cost and greater flexibility in comparison with the traditional GPS (Global Positioning System) locating system, enabling the location to be ascertained in places that the satellite cannot reach, such as inside buildings and in densely wooded areas. The significant savings of this solution compared to GPS will allow more companies to improve the efficiency of the service they provide for their customers. Aimed specifically at the passenger and cargo transport market, distribution and delivery companies, logistical operators and technical assistance services, the Cellular Locating Service functions using specific software loaded onto a SIM card.