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TelecelOnline launches new features in access services and on the Netc portal

Tomorrow, 8 November, TelecelOnline will be launching a series of new features in its “Netc grupo” and “Netc fri” Internet access products, a new log-in process and a new layout for the customer exclusive area on the Netc portal.

“Netc fri” users will now be able to create their own Internet or WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) home page, with up to a maximum of 10 MB of content.

Simultaneously, TelecelOnline will be offering a month’s free Internet access to users who sign up for the “Netc grupo” service. These customers will now also be able to opt for unlimited Internet access at up to 64 Kbps for a monthly payment of 6,800 escudos (33.92 euros), or 10,880 escudos (54.27 euros) for access at 128 Kbps via an ISDN line. The current option of 80 hours a month for 4,800 escudos (23.94 euros) will continue to be available. These prices do not include call charges.

The “Netc grupo” service will now include 25 e-mail boxes as standard, with the option of increasing that number to up to 50. In addition, users of the service will now benefit from a maximum of 20 MB for their personal home page, which can be either an Internet or a WAP page. Another new feature of “Netc grupo” is the option for customers to apply for additional private “.pt” or “.com”, “.net” or “.org” domains.

Customers of the Telecel GSM network will also benefit from a discount of 50% on the price of “Netc grupo” extra services, except on options for the registration of additional domain names.

TelecelOnline has also redesigned the appearance of the customer exclusive area – Acesso Netc – on the Netc portal. With its new layout, this area is now better-organised in response to customer’s suggestions. One of the new features is the ability to log in using only three steps.