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Telecel launches new pre-paid without minimal consumption

Lisbon, 14 February 2000 – Following the offer of tariff plans equivalent to those of its competitors, and as an unequivocal prove that it has the best tariffs in the market, Telecel now offers to its Customers a new tariff plan which mirrors the “Free” plan from the operator Optimus.

This new pre-paid is aimed to those that use the cellular phone occasionally, as its users do not have the obligation to do periodic recharges. It is only necessary to receive or to do a call every three months. The tariffs are slightly above the ones of other pre-paid tariff plans. Customers who choose this new pre-paid can recharge their cards with amounts from 1,500 PTE (7,48 euros) on. The tariffs are 39 PTE (0,19 euros) per minute within Telecel network and 119 PTE (0,59 euros) for calls to others operators.

This new pre-paid has the particularity of an utilisation cost of 9 PTE (0,04 euros) per call for listening the voice mail and for calling Customer Support.

Until now Telecel has been offering the main tariffs plans of TMN and Optimus, to allow its Customers the choice of these tariffs plans if they wish it. This, in turn, removes the price element from the decision making process, so that Customers can focus on other vital factors in the usage of the cellular service, such as coverage and network quality, as well as additional services that are offered and the quality of Customer Support.

All values include VAT