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Telecel launches Vitamina Zero, a new pre-pay product with no recharge fees

Lisbon, 2 March 2000 – Today Telecel launches its new pre-pay product, called “Vitamina Zero, the Super Light” (“Vitamina Zero”). Vitamina Zero is a new Telecel product with no monthly fee or any recharge fees, which allows Customers to use the cellular service purely at their discretion. To keep a Vitamina Zero account active it is only necessary to make a call once a year.

Vitamina Zero also offers all the advantages of the other Vitamina products. It can be recharged with amounts starting at 1,500 PTE (7.48 euros), it has Cost Control on the handset display, it can be used abroad, and it gives access to other Telecel services.

Calls within the Telecel network are charged at 38 PTE (0.19 euros) per minute, and calls to other networks at 118 PTE (0.59 euros) per minute. During March, Telecel will be running a promotion, available to people whom become a Vitamina Zero Customer. These Customers, for the whole time they use Vitamina Zero, will be able to call a network of their choice (PT, TMN or Optimus) at the same tariff as a call to the Telecel network.

There is an utilisation cost of 9 PTE (0.04 euros) per call to access voice mail and to call Customer Support. Customers will be able to activate, free of charge, the Electronic Invoice Service that allows them to look up their invoices via the Internet. If Customers choose to receive paper copies of their invoices then they will be charged a fee of 250 PTE (1.24 euros) for each one.

The new Vitamina Zero will be available with the Sagem FM handset at 29,900 PTE (149.14 euros) with 5,000 PTE (24.94 euros) of air time included with no additional fees and also with the new Vitamina Zero Card at 5,000 PTE (24.94 euros) with 3,000 PTE (14.96 euros) of air time included.

Note: Values include VAT.