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Press Releases

Telecel extends international coverage to the American Continent

Telecel signed a new roaming agreement with the mobile operator North American Nextel, which operates a mobile network in iDen technology, developed in partnership with Motorola.

This agreement, besides making possible the use the operator’s mobile network in the United States, also allows the usage of Nextel International mobile networks in Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Brazil.

To use these networks Telecel’s Customers should request a handset supporting iDen technology in the Telecel stores at the airports. They may keep the number and memories of its usual SIM card.

With this agreement, Telecel still strengthens its roaming service in Central and South America. It is also foreseen an agreement with GSM operator in Chile.

Telecel’s international coverage now extends to 91 countries and regions where customers can use the network services of 171 international operators.