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Telecel launches the new Vitamina Zero

Telecel is today launching a new product in its Vitamina line: the Vitamina Zero Alcatel 300, which includes the most recent Alcatel equipment – an attractively designed telephone that is one of the smallest and lightest available on the market.

Furthermore, this dual band cellular telephone also presents other differentiating characteristics, namely the call by vibration, loud voice mode, simplified message writing and games, among other features. The Vitamina Zero Alcatel 300 is sold at 27,000 escudos (134.68 euros), with 29,000 escudos (144.65 euros) of calls included, 5,000 escudos (24.94 euros) being pre-loaded initially and the remaining amount offered as a bonus of 3,000 escudos (14.96 euros) in the first eight payments of 7,000 escudos (34.92 euros) or more.

The Vitamina Zero includes all the functionalities and benefits of the other products of the Vitamina family, but does not require compulsory payments, thus enabling a high degree of flexibility in its use.

Note: Values include VAT.