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Quinta-Feira, 22 de Fevereiro de2001

Telecel Vodafone sets up NEXENTER

The first Datacenter Infrastructure Provider in Portugal

Lisbon, 22 February 2001 – Telecel Vodafone has set up the first DIP (Datacenter Infrastructure Provider) to be established in Portugal. Known as NEXENTER, it offers a range of truly innovative services designed to respond to the new needs and problems encountered by the information technology sector.

NEXENTER has been set up to provide information technology services including the management of support infrastructures, the supply and management of connectivity and the technical management and operation of information systems.

Specialising in datacenter services, information systems and connectivity, NEXENTER possesses a communications infrastructure that supplies national and international connections and provides support to multiple providers and platforms, using specialised technical resources.

NEXENTER, which share capital is 80% owned by Telecel Vodafone and 20% by MailTec, brings together Telecel Vodafone’s capabilities in datacenters management and support infrastructures provision, voice and data networks management, communications security, and marketing and sales channels to MailTec’s extensive experience in outsourcing and developing document generation solutions.

With an eye to the high degree of complexity of the information technology sector, NEXENTER – with “we keep iT simple” as its motto – aims to provide totally flexible solutions which can be matched to the varying needs of its different types of customers.

Based on the latest technological advances, NEXENTER’s key systems housing, XSP (eXternal Service Provider) enabler and disaster recovery solutions offer significant benefits to customers, such as control and reduction of operating costs, service level agreements, constant technical updating of information technology systems, and guaranteed, protected connectivity and accessibility.