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Quarta-Feira, 7 de Março de 2001

Telecel Vodafone

Short Dialling available in more countries

Vodafone is continuing to roll out to more of the Group’s operators the facility for customers travelling abroad to access certain services as if they were in their home country. The facility will soon be available on Omnitel Vodafone (Italy), Panafon Vodafone (Greece), Vodafone Australia and Tele.ring (Austria).

Telecel Vodafone was the first operator, along with Airtel in Spain, to make this service available to its customers, towards the end of 2000. In January of this year, the service was introduced on Vodafone UK, Connex GSM (Romania), Libertel Vodafone (Netherlands), Europolitan Vodafone (Sweden) and D2 Vodafone (Germany).

The facility, which is one of the advantages that comes from Telecel Vodafone’s membership of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications group, allows users travelling abroad to access their voice mailboxes and the customer support service by simply dialling 123 and 16912, respectively, as if they were in Portugal. Calls made using these short numbers are charged normally, in accordance with the applicable rates.

This service further simplifies the Telecel Vodafone customers’ operation of their mobile phones abroad as they no longer need to memorise a large array of numbers in order to have access to their most used services.

All Telecel Vodafone customers, whether or not they subscribe to the Eurocall service, will be able to use the facility. Eurocall is the Vodafone Group’s first pan-European service, offering a flat rate on roaming calls made on the networks of the Group’s European operators, and replaces the former system under which charges varied according to the time of day, the operators concerned and the number called.