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Telecel Vodafone – "Mobile PABX" launched for the first time in Europe

Telecel Vodafone is the first European operator, and one of the first in the world, to offer a new service, designed particularly for large and medium-sized companies, that truly integrates fixed and mobile telecommunications.

The service, which will revolutionise company operations, is named IN/OUT. It provides customers with the benefits of a true mobile (virtual) PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) operating on the mobile phones in their offices, with the functions and tariffs which until now applied only to fixed PABX extensions. Amongst other advantages of IN/OUT, when the customer’s mobile phones are located inside their premises, outside calls made are charged at fixed phone rates, calls made between the mobile phones are free and can be made using short-number dialling.

The mobile phones of a customer who subscribes to the service will change to having two modes of operation: inside the customer’s premises, they will act as (mobile) PABX extensions; outside the premises, they will retain the usual characteristics of a mobile phone.

This new service will bring major benefits to customers, such as:

  • complete mobility of the (mobile) PABX extensions in contrast to the fixed extensions of traditional PABX; in addition, where the service is used as a replacement for a fixed PABX, each user only needs one handset;
  • free internal calls between mobile extensions and, where the solution is combined with a PABX, free calls between mobile and fixed extensions;
  • automatic selection of the best rate for the type of call: outside calls from a mobile or fixed extension at fixed phone rates; calls to other Telecel Vodafone mobile phones at mobile-to-mobile rates;
  • private numbering plan, incorporating short-number dialling, for the mobile extensions (and fixed extensions when combined with a PBX) which is valid in any area covered by the Telecel Vodafone network. With this function, a mobile phone can contact a fixed phone simply by dialling the extension number; the same applies in the opposite direction and between mobile phones.

    There will be a monthly subscription fee for the IN/OUT service and, in some cases, installation costs, which will be arrived at on a case-by-case basis, depending on the solution specified by the customer.