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Press Releases

Vodafone Telecel to launch Vodafone live! – a revolutionary offer in mobile communications

Lisbon, 24 October 2002 – A fully innovative concept in the integration of services and content in mobile communications is to be launched for the first time in Portugal by Vodafone Telecel.

This new system will transform and enrich the way mobile phones are used at present, besides of extending its scope, by taking advantage of the new capabilities introduced by multimedia services, in particular the integration of colour, sound, text and images. Because of its characteristics, this new system is also extremely simple to use.

Vodafone Telecel customers will shortly be able to take advantage of an integrated package of handset and high-quality content and services, selectable from coloured and icon based menus to facilitate easy and intuitive usage.

Vodafone live! will be made available in Vodafone Group’s operators in Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK, with Australia, Greece and New Zealand to follow in the beginning of next year.