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Quarta-Feira, 8 de Maio de 2002

Vodafone Telecel launches MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

Mobile Revolution in Images and Colour

Lisbon, 8 May 2002 – Vodafone Telecel is launching, for the first time in Portugal,
the revolutionary MMS service (Multimedia Messaging Service), which allows users
to send multimedia messages containing colour photos, long text and audio between
mobile phones.

MMS is a so-called “third generation” service, which will be available
as from today on Vodafone Telecel’s existing GPRS network. Using MMS, it is
possible, for example, to take a photograph with a mobile phone, and send it
to and from any compatible destination, with text and audio to family or friends.
Text messages of up to around 30,000 characters can be sent (on SMS, the limit
was 160 characters), and it is possible to send and receive multimedia messages
to and from e-mail addresses.

This new messaging service represents a huge development over the present SMS
(Short Messaging Service), permitting as it does the integration of text, images,
colour and audio, while retaining all the ease of composition, sending and reception
of its predecessor.

The first handset allowing use of MMS, the Sony Ericsson T68i, will be on sale
in Vodafone Shops from 11 May, together with the Sony Ericsson Communicam MCA-20
camera. Used together with the T68i, the camera enables photographs to be taken
which can be sent in a multimedia message from wherever the user happens to
be to another Vodafone Telecel customer with the same handset, or to any e-mail

Vodafone Telecel customers with compatible handsets can try out the MMS Service,
free of charge, until 31 July. After this date, each multimedia message (up
to 30KB) will cost 0.45 euros (including VAT).