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Vodafone wins highly prestigious awards in Cannes

Lisbon, 21 February 2003 – At the 2003 GSM Association Awards Ceremony in Cannes, Vodafone was awarded two of the mobile industry’s most prestigious awards.

Vodafone live! won the award for Best Consumer Wireless Application or Service and Best Television or Broadcast Commercial. The Vodafone live! television commercial was produced as part of the Vodafone live! launch campaign and features David Beckham and Michael Schumacher. In addition, Vodafone’s premium handset for Vodafone live!, the Sharp GX10, won the Best Wireless Handset Award.

The Best Consumer Wireless Application or Service award represents the mobile industry recognition of Vodafone live! revolutionary set of services, demonstrating the potential of mobile data services in anticipation to the third generation.

At the awards ceremony, on 18 February, Sir Christopher Gent, Chief Executive, Vodafone, said: “It is very gratifying for Vodafone live! to be recognised by the industry in this way. Vodafone live! was the largest global service launch Vodafone had ever undertaken. It’s a huge credit to all our people at Vodafone who brought the service to market and continue to ensure our customers have access to the very best in mobile services. Vodafone live! illustrates Vodafone’s commitment to creating market differentiation by delivering easy to use services. The success of Vodafone live! has already been demonstrated, with over 380,000 customers achieved across eight markets in its first two months.”