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Vodafone launches innovative music service in Portugal

Lisbon, 15 May 2006 – Vodafone Portugal has launched the innovative Vodafone Radio DJ service. With this new music service, all Vodafone live! 3G customers can create their own radio channel, based on selecting their favourite musical styles and environments, which they can hear on their mobile phone or on their computer.

With tens of thousands of tracks from the best record labels to choose from, Vodafone Customers will also have access to several predefined channels (e.g. Hip Hop, Jazz Club, Alternative Rock, …) and thematic collections (e.g. Shakira Special Collection) programmed with around 10 tracks each, put together by specialists and updated regularly.

One of the features of the service is the possibility, after listening to the music, to select and acquire favourite tracks by downloading complete songs at digital quality.

The service is available through Vodafone live! 3G and also on the PC, through the Vodafone Music Store at the website

Customers can choose between a monthly fee (which allows the service to be used via the mobile phone or Internet) or a daily fee (through mobile phone access). Up to 30 June Customers can try out the service free of charge after activating the monthly subscription (for access via mobile phone and the web).

The Vodafone Radio DJ service was designed in partnership with Sony NetServices.

Furthermore, and from today onwards, the download of complete tracks – a pioneering 3G service launched by Vodafone in November 2004 – can also be done on the PC, and all songs purchased either by mobile phone or by PC shall be automatically available on both, guaranteeing a copy of digital quality and without additional costs.