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Press Releases

Vodafone Portugal Foundation to support Geodynamic Monitoring in the Azores

Lisbon, 22 August 2006 – The Vodafone Foundation is to support an important scientific project to study and quantify natural risks arising from geodynamic processes. Under the project, a number of GPS stations will be installed on the Central Group of the Azores Islands to facilitate constant monitoring of movements of the earth’s crust associated with the tectonic processes that affect the islands.

The project is an initiative by the University of Beira Interior, the Associate Laboratory of Dom Luis Institute, the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Oporto and the Earth and Space Systems Department of Delft University.

Under the terms of the co-operation agreement signed, the Vodafone Portugal Foundation will donate Vodafone Mobile Connect Cards and mobile broadband communications which will facilitate the constant monitoring of tectonic activity and the daily transfer of data.

Other institutions are also co-operating in this initiative, such as the Azores Regional Housing and Public Facilities Ministry, the Institute of Meteorology, the Pico Agricultural Development Service and the Institute of Structural, Planning and Construction Engineering.