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Vodafone launches Remote Surveillance System

Lisbon, 16 October 2007 – Vodafone Portugal today launched Wireless SafePack, an innovative solution that enables users to remotely access surveillance camera images via a standard Internet connection from a PC or compatible PDA.

Wireless SafePack is the outcome of a partnership with Intelligent Sensing Anywhere and has been designed to be easy to install, simple to use and to offer total control of costs. The solution, which makes use of several Wireless 3G and WiFi technologies, is provided to users preconfigured, making its installation virtually immediate. As a totally wireless solution, it offers great flexibility in the location of its various components. This makes it very simple to relocate or modify the system when needed, as long as the components are within the coverage area.

In addition to being able to view images from cameras in real time, users can access images that are automatically recorded when movement is detected and to pre-program automatic surveillance sweeps. A large menu of options makes it possible to match the solution to a wide range of required uses such as surveillance of isolated areas, warehouses or construction yards or personal applications such as remotely checking personal assets or just confirming that everything is OK at home.

Access to images is restricted by a login and password, ensuring the confidentiality of all content.

Wireless SafePack is sold as a standard package with everything included, with no upfront costs and at a monthly charge of 53.80 euros over 24 months. The complete package includes all the solution’s components: camera, router, data card and service, which includes the viewing licences and sufficient traffic volume for normal use.

Vodafone has also differentiated itself with its prices by offering its customers the most transparent and competitive price plans in the market. In terms of roaming calls, for example, Vodafone has passed on to customers the advantage of being a global operator by giving them the opportunity to make roaming calls at the same rate as their price plan for national calls, plus a fixed charge per call (Vodafone Travel).

Vodafone was also the first Portuguese operator to offer 3G Broadband services, also known as 3.5G or HSDPA, with the launch in 2006 of the Vodafone 3G Broadband Mobile Connect Card and later with the introduction of the first 3G Broadband phone.

In October 2006, it launched Vodafone Casa, a differentiated and very competitive voice and data telecommunications offer designed to replace the traditional fixed home phone and including Internet access solutions.

In 2007, Vodafone has launched a wide range of pioneering services in Portugal, including the new 3G Broadband card in Express Card format, the new TeleMultibanco service that reproduces the experience of ATMs on mobile phones, and the innovative Vodafone My Mail, Vodafone web phone, Vodafone Backup and Vodafone Messenger services resulting from the company’s investment in Mobile-PC convergence.

It was also this year that Vodafone expanded its offer to include ADSL Fixed Broadband services. This important strategic development is intended to turn the company into a global communications operator capable of responding more comprehensively to its customers’ communications needs, whether mobile or fixed.

In these fifteen years, Vodafone has pioneered the introduction in Portugal of the main mobile communications technologies (EFR, Dual Band, WAP, 2.5G/GPRS, HSCSD, MMS, 3G/UMTS and 3.5G/HSDPA), as well as having developed and made available innumerable highly innovative technical solutions and facilities to meet the needs of customers and the general public.

From the first truly portable mobile phone, a massive affair weighing 420 grams, to the more compact and more technologically sophisticated models, Vodafone is the operator that has launched the most brands and models in Portugal, constantly seeking to offer its customers the best services and phones that the mobile sector has to offer.

With revenues in excess of 1.4 billion euros and around 5 million customers who daily rely on it for their communication needs, Vodafone is today one of the biggest and best Portuguese companies. Vodafone intends to maintain its differentiation as the most innovative and most customer-focused operator in Portugal, offering the most competitive services and investing in mobile-PC-Internet convergence. As it has done in the mobile market, Vodafone intends, as a global telecommunications operator, to maintain its position as the leading driver of the Portuguese market, contributing significantly to the development of the Information and Knowledge Society and to improving the quality of life of the Portuguese.