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Vodafone to reimburse double the cost of customers’ December calls

Lisbon, 19 November 2007 – Vodafone Portugal has just launched yet another promotion for its personal customers. This time, Vodafone will reimburse in January double the amount that customers spend in December on national voice calls to Vodafone numbers and the fixed network.

Customers who subscribe to this promotion will get back in January double the amount they spend in December on calls to Vodafone numbers or the fixed network. They will then be able to use the amount reimbursed during the following 30 days in voice calls to the Vodafone and fixed networks.

Alternatively, customers can opt to get back in January the amount spent in December on those calls, without doubling, and will be able to spend that amount how and when they like i.e. without any time limit or restriction on the type of calls.

Customers wishing to benefit from this promotion simply need to make a free call to 1275. The subscription cost for either option is 5 euros.

Promotions of this kind have been massively popular with customers by enabling them to benefit from free or cheap voice calls, SMS and MMS, and demonstrate the innovativeness, price flexibility, simplicity and attractiveness of Vodafone’s offer.