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New Vodafone web phone service transforms the computer into a mobile phone

Lisbon, 12 March 2007 – Vodafone Portugal has just launched a new mobile communications service that enables users to make and receive voice and video calls and to send and receive SMS and MMS from their computer. In addition, Vodafone web phone customers can use the instant messaging (chat) service.

Aimed at computer users with a broadband connection, Vodafone web phone allows Vodafone customers to associate their mobile phone number with their computer so that they can make and receive any type of call or SMS, MMS or chat message using an application installed on their computer.

Vodafone web phone also enables simplified management of contacts with photos, can import contacts from Microsoft Outlook and notifies online status. The service also provides easy and immediate access to messages received and sent, and to the list of calls made.

To use the service, customers simply have to download an application to their computer from Vodafone’s website ( Voice calls, videocalls and chat messages between Vodafone web phone users are free, while voice calls, videocalls, SMS and MMS to mobile and fixed networks are charged in accordance with the customer’s price plan.

All Vodafone web phone users benefit from 1500 free SMS and 1500 free MMS a week to the Vodafone network until 30 April. The first 3000 customers of the service will also receive Vodafone web phone kits, including a webcam and a headset.

The launch of this service is part of Vodafone’s major investment in mobile-PC convergence, particularly laptops, enabling its customers to use the services they are used to regardless of the form of access, and with a simple and transparent experience.