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Vodafone launches mobile management service for assistance teams

Lisbon, 20th March 2007 – Today, Vodafone launches MobileTasks, the third of a group of exclusive services dedicated to the business market (going by the name of MobileSolutions), and which consists of a solution for the management of assistance teams, on the move and in real time.

In fact, nowadays one of the greatest challenges to the business market, for those who have teams of technicians stationed outside the office, is precisely how to guarantee a service of high quality and response periods suitable to their Clients’ expectations. Organization, response capacity and quality of service are factors essential for the success of an assistance network.

MobileTasks is here to make these teams’ tasks easier, allowing them to optimize their capacity: the technicians are able to receive work orders and give indications on the work being carried out, without having to go to the office, thus saving precious travel time and becoming more readily available for other subsequent interventions. At the same time, at the office there is a clear picture of the state of the tasks pending and those attributed to each technician, allowing for the satisfaction of Clients’ queries whenever necessary.

By means of a central, up-to-date computer registration of all the requests presented to the assistance network, it will also become easier to track, audit and control the company processes, and determine the levels of service being maintained in the interventions which are carried out.

The technicians will have at their disposal a speedy and easy-to-use tool, available on their telephone or on a PDA, on which they can collect and send to the back office all information pertaining to the interventions carried out.

The solution is presented in the “turnkey” format, which includes configuration, software, maintenance and continuous use for the duration of the contract period, as well as all national data communications.

With a fixed monthly cost, it is now possible to endow the company’s assistance networks with a solution that is complete and efficient, and which can be accessed at any time and from any location.