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Vodafone launches ZYB – the social network that saves mobile phone contacts

Lisbon, 28 October 2008 – Vodafone has just launched the beta version of a service that will allow all users of the Portuguese mobile networks to stay in contact with their friends and save their mobile phone address book safely.

ZYB is a unique Internet social network because, unlike the more popular social networks, it uses the mobile phone as the starting point, enabling users to exchange messages and content with anyone in their mobile phone address book. It can be used from a mobile phone ( or a PC (

By using a Web portal as the connecting link between the PC and mobile phone, ZYB offers an interactive way for people to socialise, communicate and cultivate friendships. ZYB enables users to exchange messages and information from a mobile phone or PC, and to send photos via MMS from a mobile phone or to insert them from a PC.

ZYB also enables users to recover their address book if they change or lose their mobile phone. The address book is saved on ZYB and can be managed via the Internet. Users can add, change or delete saved contacts on ZYB.

ZYB users can also synchronise their mobile phone’s calendar with ZYB and then organise their diary more easily. It is also possible to forward received text messages to ZYB so that they can be saved in the user’s personal area.

Whenever any of the friends or contacts linked to the user via ZYB changes their mobile phone number, e-mail address or home address, etc, ZYB notifies the user of these changes so that they can be immediately copied to the mobile phone’s address book.

Use of the service from a PC is completely free of charge. Except for sending messages, use of the service from a mobile phone is also free to Vodafone customers until 31 January 2009. After that date, the Navegar or Aditivos Navegar and Mobile Internet price plans will apply.

Address book synchronisation is available to customers of all the Portuguese mobile networks with compatible phones, including around 1.8 million Vodafone Portugal customers. The list of compatible phones will be extended so as to quickly broaden the number of customers who are able to use ZYB.

The launch of this service is part of Vodafone’s major investment in mobile-PC convergence, enabling its customers to use the services they value most, regardless of the form of access and with a simple and transparent user experience.