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Vodafone Sofa Race offers special seats at Rock In Rio

Lisbon, 7 May 2008 – Vodafone is to give away tickets for the best seats at Rock in Rio Lisbon 2008 – Vodafone Best Seat – to the winners of a Sofa Race to take place at 3 pm on 17 May in Terreiro do Paço, in Lisbon.

Like the number of days of the Rock In Rio festival, there will be five Sofa Races, with seven teams competing against each other in each race. All the competitors, both winners and losers, will win tickets to Rock in Rio, together with the members of the cheerleader team voted the best at supporting their team.

The winners will be entitled to choose the show featuring their favourite artist, which they will be able to watch from the Vodafone Best Seat Rock in Rio Lisbon 2008, the most coveted spot from which to watch the festival’s concerts. Vodafone Best Seat is a reserved area with an uninterrupted view of the World Stage and the festival enclosure where Vodafone will offer its customers who win the Sofa Race special seats and VIP treatment.

The Sofa Races, fought out in an atmosphere of colour and speed reminiscent of Formula 1, will be speed trials in which the teams will have to line up in the boxes and swap between team members who push the sofa, so that all members take turns at pushing. To make the contestants’ job harder, there will be several obstacles around the course.

To take part, entrants to the “sofa Formula 1” should register for the trials by 12 May on the website The initial selection will be based on creativity in the choice of team names, their mottos and their order of registration. Teams composed of males and females will have precedence.

Vodafone will provide 35 sofas (equipped with wheels and a brake), one per team, that can be decorated on the day of the race from 10 am onwards with materials that Vodafone will provide and others that contestants are invited to bring from home. During the race, all the “drivers” will wear safety equipment – helmets, kneepads and elbow pads.

The race area will also have a VIP area and stage where during the race the Vodafone band will play numbers by artists scheduled to appear at Rock in Rio, and at the end of the event, will give an unforgettable concert to all those attending. With this event, Vodafone will brighten up Lisbon with a memorable day for contestants and spectators alike.