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Vodafone wins Grand Prix and Advertiser of the Year Award at Creatives’ Club Festival

Lisbon, 14 May 2008 – The Vodafone Music project has won the Grand Prix at the 10th Festival of Portugal’s Creatives’ Club, which took place on 6-7 May at the Ateneu Comercial in Lisbon. Vodafone’s advertising initiatives picked up the most awards at the Festival. The Grand Prix was awarded along with the prize for ‘Best Integrated Communication’ to the Vodafone Music project, which involves the design and production of original and innovative music events such as Vodafone Flash Concerts, Vodafone House Party and Vodafone SoundClash!.

Apart from the Grand Prix, which is awarded to the most important project in the whole Festival, Vodafone also received the Advertiser of the Year Award on the basis of the total points obtained in all categories. These awards are decided from the range of initiatives that have won Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies.

The other awards won by Vodafone were in the Advertising (Television/Cinema and Radio), Design (Design Editorial) and Media (Best Outdoor Use and Best Use of Cinema) categories.

In the Advertising category, Vodafone’s Summer Campaign 2007 picked up the Bronze award for ‘Best Television/Cinema Film’ and the Yorn ‘Scissor Sisters’ Campaign won the Gold prize for ‘Best Radio Spot’. Vodafone’s Report and Accounts 2006 received one of the awards in the Design category. In the Media category, Vodafone received a Silver trophy for ‘Best Creative Use/Creation of Outdoor Spaces’ for the ‘ Viva o Momento’ campaign which installed a giant clock in Lisbon and a Gold trophy for the ‘Best Seat’ campaign which saw Vodafone creating the best seats in cinemas in a creative solution.

All these prizes are awarded by a jury composed of sector professionals invited by the organisers together with winners of previous Festivals.

The Creatives’ Club of Portugal is a not-for-profit organisation composed of creatives in Commercial Communication – Advertising, Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Photography, Advertising Cinema, Sound and New Media – whose annual Festival honours excellence in these areas.