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Quarta-Feira, 18 de Junho de 2008

Vodafone Say Net ADSL

Broadband for people with special needs

Lisbon, 18 June 2008 – Vodafone today launched the Vodafone Say Net ADSL price plan that offers people with special needs access to the ADSL service on advantageous terms. This offer includes 50% off the monthly subscription for 24 MB Vodafone Casa Duplex ADSL with 60GB of included traffic and speeds of up to 24 Mbps, reducing the cost to subscribers to 19.95 euros a month.

Complementing the launch of these price plans, Vodafone has developed a specific behavioural training programme for its Customer Care Service designed to ensure that these users’ needs are appropriately met. Seven training sessions were organised, covering all the assistants of Technological Customer Care and some teams of the general Customer Care Service.

The trainers, who are members of the Association for Education of the Blind and are themselves blind, gave demonstrations of the use of the Vodafone services included in the Vodafone Say offer, at the same time as informing assistants about the best way to serve customers with special needs.

Vodafone’s offer already includes other price plans for people with special needs, including for Voice services (Vodafone Say Voz) and Mobile Broadband Internet services (Vodafone Say Net).

Prices include VAT