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Vodafone new laptop concept – the Vodafone NetPC

Lisbon, 17 July 2008 – Vodafone is today introducing onto the Portuguese market a new mobility concept combining a Vodafone Connect Pen and an innovative, ultra-compact laptop which provides instant Internet access anywhere, anytime.

The Vodafone NetPC offers a new way of accessing the Internet without restriction and at competitive prices, using Vodafone’s Mobile Broadband service.

This new mobility concept is being launched on the Portuguese market today with hardware that includes an ultra-compact, ultra-portable laptop – the Asus EeePC 701 – and a Vodafone Connect Pen which enables users to surf at speeds up to 7.2Mbps. Among telecommunications operators in Portugal, this PC will be sold exclusively by Vodafone.

The new Asus EeePC 701 is ready to operate as soon as it is removed from the box, without any technical manuals or complicated installation. It uses a proprietary graphic interface with navigation by icons arranged in separate sections grouped by function (Internet, Work, Learning, Entertainment, Definitions, Favourites) which make learning to use the machine easy, quick and intuitive. For those who prefer the Microsoft version, a Windows XP version is available.

Weighing less than 1 kilo, with a latest generation Solid State Disk (SSD) without moving parts which, in addition to providing longer battery operating time, offers silent, shock-proof operation, and with its compact size and rapid start-up time (around 12 seconds), the new Asus EeePC 701 is ideal for use outside the home, on business trips, at school and on holiday.

The Vodafone NetPC is perfect for those who want to check their e-mail, update blogs, chat to friends, or update and share photos, or for those who simply want to connect to the Internet anywhere, anytime.

The Asus EeePC 701 Vodafone Connect Pen combination will be on sale in Vodafone shops and in the online shop at, with an 18-month contract, at a price of €199.90 in the EeeOS version (Asus graphic environment running on Linux) or €229.90 in the Microsoft Windows XP version. Customers can select the Vodafone Mobile Broadband price plan that best meets their communication requirements.

The Vodafone NetPC offer is also available to Business customers.