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Vodafone launches Home Phone without standing charges or minimum usage

Lisbon, 30 September 2008 – Vodafone today launched its new price plan for its fixed network voice offer – Vodafone Casa T0 Voz – which introduces for the first time to the fixed network in Portugal the concept of ‘pay as you talk’. This allows customers to have a phone with fixed network numbering (2XXXXXXXX) for home use without any monthly standing charges, compulsory top-ups or minimum usage.

Contrary to the case with existing solutions on the Portuguese market, where customers always have to pay some sort of regular charge (sometimes indirectly where they are obliged to subscribe to other services such as Internet or TV), with the new Vodafone Casa T0 Voz, if customers do not make any calls in a given month they will pay nothing for that period.

To meet the needs of customers who make higher use of the fixed communications service, Vodafone also offers three Aditivos which can be added to the basic price plan:
•Aditivo 200 minutos – includes 200 minutes of calls per month to the national fixed network
•Aditivo Noites – calls at 0 cents to the national fixed network between 7 pm and 9 am on weekdays, and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
•Aditivo 24 horas – calls at 0 cents to the national fixed network at any time

Vodafone Casa T0 Voz is available in prepaid mode or with a monthly bill. The second option is valid only for customers who subscribe to one of the Aditivos.

Vodafone Casa T0 Voz continues to be the home phone solution with the best rates to the Vodafone mobile network, and as it is supported on the cellular network, it does not require the installation of a phone line, enabling the customer to talk immediately on leaving the shop. Subscriptions taken out before the end of the year will also benefit from the offer of free portability of the customer’s present fixed network number.

Customers can subscribe to Vodafone Casa T0 Voz by purchasing a Motorola w180 phone with base for €19.90 with €19.90 worth of calls included or a Vodafone Casa T0 Voz card €9.90 with €9.90 worth of calls included. In the latter case, the card can be inserted into any phone that works on the Vodafone network.