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‘Power to you’ is the new Vodafone strapline

The Vodafone brand has just entered a new era: its entire brand architecture will now revolve around the concept expressed by the Company’s new strapline – ‘power to you’. Simultaneously initiating a new way of communicating and a new message definition logic, Vodafone will be stressing how it helps customers to make the most of the opportunities they have. Rather than the Brand telling customers what to do, it will be stressing that they are now in charge, they have all sorts of opportunities and can rely on Vodafone to help them to make the most of them.

The ‘power to you’ formula is presented in a film illustrating the objectives of the Vodafone brand. A young man has an apparently impossible dream – to meet a famous actress. However, with a little imagination, a lot of persistence and the intelligent use of various services, he manages to realise his dream. The film ends with the young man on the phone to his idol – the famous Cuban-American actress Eva Mendes. So what was Vodafone’s role? Very simply, to provide the services that enabled him to achieve his dream.

The campaign, which will have a strong presence on television, in the press and on illuminated billboards and poster sites, involves a media investment of around 6 million euros (at rate card prices).

As well as the new strapline, ‘power to you’ is an entire new concept that will be used in the various external applications of the Vodafone brand, based on a logic of presenting solutions to the opportunities that present themselves to customers.

Eight years after the successful migration to the Vodafone brand and four years after its brand repositioning, the Company is taking a new and important step to continue to ensure the highest levels of customer preference and respect.

Vodafone is one of the most famous and most valuable brands in the world. The challenge is to be even more than that: to be one of the most admired brands in the world.