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New Vodafone Hotspot for sharing mobile broadband connections

Lisbon, 9 November 2009 – Vodafone has launched a groundbreaking 3G/HSPA router that enables users to share their mobile broadband connection – the Vodafone Hotspot. This device, which is part of a new generation of intelligent mobile broadband devices, makes it possible to connect up to 5 devices or users and is ideal for sharing a WiFi Internet connection with family members, work groups or friends.

The Vodafone Hotspot, which does not require any additional data device or any computer, has a battery that offers 4 hours of active use, making it ideal for use with mobile devices such as portable game consoles, MP3 readers or digital cameras.

The size of a credit card and independent of any operating system (PC, Mac or Linux), the Vodafone Hotspot starts up at a touch and offers download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5.7 Mbps. Expandable memory support for up to 16GB via microSD makes the device a flexible and robust device capable of storing and sharing personal content such as documents, music, video and pictures over WiFi.

The Vodafone Hotspot is priced at 159.90 euros and can be used with any Vodafone mobile broadband plan.

Following its launch in 2005 of the 3G Router, the first data device for sharing mobile broadband connections, Vodafone is again breaking new ground in the Portuguese market with the launch of the Vodafone Hotspot, and continuing to lead the introduction of new mobile broadband Internet access services in Portugal.