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Vodafone Portugal launches service combining Facebook Chat and Windows Live Messenger™ on mobile phones

Lisbon, 8 November 2010 – Vodafone today launched Vodafone Messenger Plus, a service combining for the first time in one application the two Instant Messaging (chat) services most used in Portugal – Facebook Chat and Microsoft Windows Live Messenger™.

Vodafone is the first mobile operator in Portugal to launch this service, which provides simultaneous access to Facebook Chat and Windows Live Messenger™ on mobile phones, enabling users to chat with their Messenger and Facebook contacts anytime, anywhere.

Vodafone Messenger Plus enables users to view the list of contacts they have on their PC and their presence status, chat, send and receive smileys and edit the personal status message shown to all their contacts. Messages are exchanged between mobile phones and computers provided that users have a Windows Live Messenger™ or Facebook account.

It is also possible to minimise the application. This feature allows the customer to be always online on Messenger and Facebook, receiving notifications when their friends contact them while maintaining very low power consumption of the mobile phone’s battery, and to communicate freely with any person in their list of contacts of both services.

To use the service, customers simply need to send an SMS to 12345 with the text ‘IM’ and download the application to their phone, or alternatively visit the Vodafone mobile portal. Sending the SMS and downloading Vodafone Messenger Plus is completely free. The range of phones compatible with the service will be continually extended so as to make Vodafone Messenger Plus available to an ever larger customer base.

As a launch promotion, and so that customers can try out and prove for themselves the convenience and simplicity of the service, it will be free to use for the first 30 days. After this period, the service will cost €3.10 a month, for which the customer can send and receive messages without worrying about additional costs. Customers who have the monthly Internet Aditivo will have free access to the Vodafone Messenger Plus service.

The launch of this service is part of Vodafone’s major investment in mobile-PC convergence, enabling its customers to use the services they are used to using on their PC when they are on the move, and with a simple and transparent user experience.