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Vodafone Portugal launches personalised access to interactive applications on TV

Lisbon, 13 December 2010 – For the first time in Portugal, Vodafone today launched personalised TV access to a range of interactive applications including Facebook and Picasa, among others, on the Vodafone Casa TV service.

By creating unique profiles for each member of the family (with a single personalised login), each user can access Facebook, Picasa and various useful information services such as pharmacies, the weather, games of chance, Público news, Maisfutebol sports news and AutoPortal motor news on their TVs. More applications are planned to be launched towards the end of this month, such as the new interactive app which will provide access to traffic information on TV.

The TV apps are integrated with Vodafone’s mobile services, which makes it possible, for example, for users to subscribe to mobile phone alert services via their TV.

These new features are free for all customers of the Vodafone Casa TV service (both ADSL and fibre access).

The Vodafone Casa TV offers over 120 television channels (including 14 HD channels and one 3D channel) and a Basic Package of over 70 channels which include Portuguese viewers’ favourite channels. These new features join many other existing features such as Digital Recorder (with remote recording via PCs or mobile phones), access to the VideoClub service on mobile phones and PCs, recording of programmes on any TV Box at no extra cost, TV Guide, TV Pause, ‘Catch Up TV’ and the unique ‘Coming on TV’ service which allows users to watch broadcasts of programmes that have not yet been aired.

This launch reinforces Vodafone’s leadership in innovation in digital television services in Portugal and in the convergence of services across platforms (TV, mobile phone and PC).