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Vodafone Portugal launches preview service for TV programmes

Lisbon, 18 February 2010 – Vodafone today launched, for the first time in Portugal, the innovative ‘Vai passar na TV’ (‘Coming on TV’) service which gives customers of its Digital Television service exclusive access to broadcasts of television programmes that have not yet been aired.

Thanks to a partnership with RTP, in this launch stage Vodafone is offering access to future broadcasts of certain RTP1, RTP2 and RTPN programmes before their first television showing.

‘Pai à Força’, ‘Ilha das Cores’, ‘Câmara Clara’ and ‘Radar de Negócios’ are just some of the entertainment, culture and information programmes that can be previewed. First-run access to this exclusive content costs between €0.69 and €0.99 per episode.

The Vodafone Casa TV service, launched in July 2009, offers over 100 television channels, including all the most popular channels and favourite premium channels. Four new channels were recently added to this list: FOX Next, FX, Fox Life HD and FOX HD. The last two are available to all customers of the Vodafone Casa TV service at no additional cost.

Vodafone Casa TV has all the latest Digital Television features such as High Definition image (HD), Digital Recorder (with 280 hours’ capacity and automatic recording of entire series), TV Guide, Pause TV and Videoclub with hundreds of films from the leading studios and independent producers, including box office hits and films in High Definition (HD).

The launch of the ‘Vai passar na TV’ (‘Coming on TV’) service extends Vodafone’s leadership in television service innovation, added to the availability of unique features in Portugal, for example: the possibility of recording programmes on any TV Box at no extra cost and the ‘Photos and Music’ service, allowing photos and music stored on networked PCs in the home to be viewed and listened to easily on television.