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Vodafone has the best network for 2G and 3G voice calls

Lisbon, 1 April 2010 – Vodafone is the operator whose network has the best performance in mobile voice calls, according to the latest service quality survey of the three mobile operators’ networks carried out by ANACOM (the National Communications Authority). This classification is the result of the good performance of Vodafone’s GSM/UMTS network in a list of indicators analysed by ANACOM, such as coverage, call setup success rate, dropped call rate and call quality.

In the thousands of calls made by ANACOM in September and October 2009 in major urban areas and road corridors in mainland Portugal, Vodafone’s network was the one that managed to set up and successfully complete the highest percentage of voice calls in the tests (96.7%). Put another way, Vodafone customers have the best experience in terms of setting up a voice call and maintaining it, and of terminating it the normal way, i.e. on their own initiative.

Another indicator analysed by ANACOM was the Call Establishment Time. In this indicator also, Vodafone had the best performance of the three operators tested, with its network being the one in which the connection was established in the least time (between 16% and 21% faster than on the other operators’ networks).

These results confirm the robustness and reliability of Vodafone’s network, which were previously demonstrated by the findings of the latest National Customer Satisfaction Index, published by ANACOM in 2009, which showed that Vodafone customers have the greatest satisfaction with the network coverage of their operator.