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Yorn invests in new image and gives away 1000 Nokia X6 phones

Lisbon, 8 July 2010 – Vodafone Portugal today launched a new image for Yorn and is planning to give away 1000 Nokia X6 phones or 6 euros in balance to Vodafone customers who make Yorn top-ups of 16 euros or more by 18 July.

This change to the Vodafone sub-brand aimed at the youth segment represents the end of the Yorn Insólitos and their replacement by the claim “Yorn Business – It’s our thing”. Vodafone Yorn campaigns will now be focused on the doings of a family – the Corlyorns – that have always been behind the Yorn Insólitos, although we may not have noticed them.

The members of this family are 3D characters that publicise promotions and Yorn price plans in advertising campaigns and via social networks. The use of the 3D figures recalls the imaginary world of computer games as well as the latest box office films.

After this launch phase, which will be publicised on television, radio, the Internet, outdoor media and in the cinema, Vodafone’s Yorn communication will take place mostly online. This will enable Vodafone to bring Yorn even closer to the younger generation who are nowadays much more involved online than with the traditional media.

Vodafone Yorn customers will have a new website at, where they will be able to manage their account data and benefit from promotions, among other features. In addition, they will be able to interact with the members of the Corlyorn family, who will have a profile on social networks such as Facebook and hi5.

The campaign that starts today will be promoted on television, radio, the Internet, outdoor media and in the cinema and represents an investment of 3.2 million euros at rate card prices.

Yorn (Young Original Network) was created by Vodafone in September 2000 to address the specific needs of young people, introducing into the Portuguese market innovative forms of communication and customer relationship in this segment. Vodafone’s leadership in the under-25 age group is now unmistakable, since it is the operator with the largest number of customers in this segment in Portugal, according to the Marktest Telecommunications Barometer.