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Vodafone Portugal launches innovative communications solution for companies

Lisbon, 22 September 2010 – Vodafone Portugal today releases Vodafone One Net, an innovative communications solution for companies that brings together fixed, mobile phone and internet services. Vodafone One Net supplies advanced call management functions on the mobile phone, which up until now had only been available in telephone centres, and does away with the need for investment in the acquisition and maintenance of this kind of equipment.

The One Net service was specified and developed by Vodafone Portugal on its NGIN (Next Generation Intelligent network) infrastructure and backed up by the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) core. The solution developed is already being used by one Vodafone Group operator and is planned to be used by other Group operators in a hosting model.

With Vodafone One Net, the mobile and fixed numbers of the company will function as a single entity, whereby both are endowed with the management functionalities typically available in a telephone centre with a single Voicemail box per user. The fixed phone is optional, and the company may choose to give just one mobile phone to each employee, who will now have access to all these functions in a single mobile phone, and can also manage the calls made to landline and mobile numbers using the e-phone software available on a PC.

Vodafone will install the service quickly and easily, in accordance with the specific needs of each company. There are no initial investment, maintenance or support costs involved, but instead a single monthly fee that includes the calls made between the mobile phones and the landline phones of the company, calls from the office to the landline network at zero cost and technical assistance provided by a specialised Vodafone support team.

In addition to controlling and reducing costs, the Vodafone One Net service enables the complete integration of the fixed phone and the mobile phone, for the first time made available by Vodafone, allowing companies to increase their productivity: the employees are contactable all the time, and as such companies can manage their contacts in a more efficient and professional manner.

This new service also allows users, telephone numbers or offices to be added, adapting the service to the specific needs, customising and controlling the fixed and mobile service through a simple self-care portal. The fact that companies can now have a single supplier for all their communication services brings obvious advantages.

All the features, functionalities and tariffs of Vodafone One Net can be consulted on the following page:

By launching this service, Vodafone Portugal broadens its range of services tailor-made for the business segment, reinforcing its leadership in this sector and contributing towards increasing the productivity of Portuguese companies.