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Vodafone Sofa Race attracts 160 contestants in Lisbon

160 contestants took part in the Sofa Race held by Vodafone in Parque das Nações in Lisbon this afternoon as part of the brand’s sponsorship of Rock in Rio -Lisboa 2012.

Once again, the participation of Vodafone customers in this initiative exceeded all expectations. 1340 entries (335 teams) were received for a maximum of 160 competitors, divided into 40 teams of four members.

Before the race, contestants had the chance to reconnoitre the circuit and ‘pimp’ their sofas (equipped with wheels and brakes), using material they had brought from home or supplied by the organisation (stencils and spray paint). All participants in the races were properly equipped with helmets, elbow pads, gloves and knee pads.

The race began at 3:30 pm and consisted of completing a lap of the a circuit around Vodafone Portugal’s Head Office in the shortest possible time. The sofa was pushed by two ‘drivers’ while the remaining two members were seated.

The winner of each race (5 races were held – a reference to the five days of Rock in Rio-Lisboa 2012 – with 8 teams in each race) won the use of the Vodafone Best Seat – the most sought-after place to watch the festival concerts, with VIP treatment and the best view of the World Stage and the festival enclosure.

All 160 contestants took home tickets for Rock in Rio-Lisboa 2012, which starts on Saturday 25 May in Belavista Park.