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Vodafone TV children’s remote control lights up when the child approaches

Vodafone Portugal today launched the ‘Klik’ – a children’s remote control for Vodafone TV with a feature unique in the market: a sensor which lights up the keys on the remote control whenever the user approaches (‘backlight’).

Designed specially with children in mind, the ‘Klik’ includes a ‘Kids’ key giving direct access to the range of children’s channels, and other quick access keys to content popular with children such as Videoclub, Recorder and Zapping.

For adult users wishing to access only the main features of the TV service, Vodafone also offers the ‘Light’ remote control, ideal for quick and simple access to the TV Box, also with a proximity sensor.

These two new remote controls, which are unique both for the proximity sensors that illuminate the keys and for their simplicity, are priced at €7.50 with Clube Viva points or €19.99 in Vodafone shops.

This exclusive launch reinforces Vodafone’s commitment to innovation in the Vodafone TV service, which currently offers 150 TV channels (including 30 high definition channels) and Internet access at the highest speed in the market (up to 400Mbps).