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Sexta-Feira, 5 de Julho de 2013

Vodafone launches innovative service that converts voice messages into text

Vodafone Portugal has launched, exclusively for its customers, the Vodafone Voice to SMS service, which converts voice messages into text and sends them by SMS. With the launch of this service, Vodafone becomes the first operator in Portugal to offer a service that automatically turns voice calls into text messages (SMS).

Vodafone customers are thus the first in Portugal to be able to read the content of the mobile phone voice messages that their contacts leave them when they are not available to answer the call.

If the customer calls back and their contact’s phone is switched off or they are unable to answer the call, it is routed to the Vodafone Voice to SMS service. The customer can then choose to leave a voice message which is immediately converted into text and sent by SMS to the recipient, who can quickly and easily access its content by reading the text message. Then, the recipient can either reply by SMS or simply return the call.

The voice call is charged according to the customer’s tariff and the conversion to text costs 9 cents.

Initially, the Vodafone Voice to SMS service is available for the Vodafone customers who do not use traditional voicemail and will be rolled out rapidly in phases to all users of Vodafone Portugal’s mobile service. Later it will be extended to Vodafone customers who have a voicemail box, but will be able to opt to receive messages left in their voicemail box immediately via SMS, while retaining the possibility of also listening to them via a call to voicemail.

Shortly, it will also be possible for all Vodafone customers to send a voice message directly to their contacts from any national mobile operator, which will then be converted into text. This immediate deposit of the message will be done using a prefix or by using of an app specially designed for the service.

The launch of the Vodafone Voice to SMS solution fits with Vodafone’s strategy of offering its customers the most useful and innovative services, whether for voice, data, internet or television.