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Quarta-Feira, 19 de Fevereiro de2014

Vodafone launches new generation messaging service

Vodafone today launched a messaging service – Vodafone Message+ – which will offer a new experience in the way we communicate, combining all messages (SMS, MMS and Instant Messaging) in one application.

With this service, Vodafone customers will be able to send and receive messages, pictures, videos, location and sounds via a single application, complementing the message with the use of emoticons and knowing in real time which of their contacts are online.

It will also be possible to set up group chats and personalise the conversation topics with selected background images. The Vodafone Message+ is being launched exclusively to Vodafone customers, but messages are guaranteed to be delivered to any mobile phone on any network, even if the recipient does not have the application.

Now available for Android smartphones, Vodafone Message+ will be launched shortly for other platforms. The application can be downloaded free from Google Play or by sending an SMS to 12345 containing the text “SMS”.

This new generation messaging service uses the RCS (Rich Communications Suite) protocol and reinforces Vodafone’s commitment to innovation, enabling its customers to get the most out of their smartphones.