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Terça-Feira, 1 de Julho de 2014

Invoice at the time with Vodafone

In a market where every minute counts and efficient management of resources is extremely valuable, Vodafone has created an integrated solution that eases the work of companies – Vodafone Factura na Hora (Invoice at the Time). This is a new innovative, certified and multiplatform service that enables users to track the progress of their business from any location.

Delivered in partnership with PIE Group, this new Invoicing and Sales Management solution has several advantages:complete mobility, native application on tablets or smartphones with the Android operating system, automatic backup (cloud service) and data recovery in the event of loss or theft of equipment at no additional cost.

Via a smartphone or tablet, users can issue documents such as invoices, delivery notes or reports, manage inventory, manage customers’ and suppliers’ accounts, and remotely configure, create and alter information on all the equipment using the application.

The Vodafone Factura na Hora service comes in three different solutions:Vodafone Factura na Hora Light for €19.90 – for companies or professionals who only need to issue invoices, delivery notes, reports or other documents; Vodafone Factura na Hora Pro for €24.90 – an upgrade of the Light solution with the inventory and supplier accounts management module; and Vodafone Factura na Hora SYNC for €9.90 – which configures, synchronizes and integrates information from various tablets and smartphones, giving a complete overview of the business (360º).

By visiting the website it is possible to buy the licence and download a demo version or the Factura na Hora application.