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Terça-Feira, 10 de Março de 2015

Vodafone Portugal covers the country with Next Generation Fibre

Under a 500 million euro investment plan that began in 2014 and that will continue next year, Vodafone Portugal has achieved nationwide coverage by its Next Generation Fibre network.

For this, advanced devices are being introduced in the homes and businesses of Vodafone Fibre service customers that will make it possible to achieve speeds up to 1 Gbps using a single device.

With Next Generation Fibre, users can access an innovative television service with ultra fast zapping on 100 channels in about 45 seconds, benefit from higher download and upload speeds, significantly improve multimedia content sharing experience and enjoy an unmatched online gaming experience.

In the business segment, Vodafone’s next generation fibre network enables Portuguese companies to access services based on a network with symmetrical, guaranteed speeds, allowing them to meet the many challenges faced by their businesses with greater optimism.

With this nationwide network coverage, Vodafone Portugal is reinforcing its strong commitment to the fixed network with continued investment in the expansion of its fibre network. The service currently serves 1.6 million homes and businesses and is expected to exceed 2.1 million by the end of this year.

The present development strategy for the expansion of next generation networks, both fibre and mobile, will involve investment of 500 million euros by the end of the plan’s two years, which end in March 2016. This investment has already begun to produce results, with an increase of around 60% in the customer base of Vodafone Portugal’s fixed network.

The network expansion plan and the development of Next Generation Fibre are made available at very competitive prices, for example €25.90 a month for a television, internet and fixed phone subscription.

In the wake of this plan, Vodafone Portugal today launched a strong communication campaign promoting the nationwide coverage of its Next Generation Fibre network uniting cities, villages, people and businesses, and technologically changing their communications.

In implementing this strategy, Vodafone is reinforcing its commitment to Portugal and consumers, a positioning that emerged from a study that Vodafone recently unveiled in Brussels – Vodafone and Europe: Investing for the Future, a document that depicts the economic performance of the Vodafone Group in Europe, including data on Vodafone Portugal.

According to the report, the Vodafone Group had an impact of approximately 23.7 billion euros on economic growth in 2013/14, with a contribution of 443 million euros to the generation of wealth in Portugal in the same period.