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Quinta-Feira, 16 de Julho de 2015

Vodafone foundation launches digital platform for young people: Design the future

The Vodafone Foundation and the Better Future Association have launched an online platform which can be accessed from a PC, smartphone and tablet, whose objective is to improve Portuguese young people’s knowledge and understanding about their education options, in order to enable these young people to make academic choices that are better matched to their interests and abilities.

The launch phase of the Design The Future platform will have available over 100 videos of interviews with recognised professionals in various fields such as medicine, engineering, sports, literature, education, journalism and music, together with many others, talking about their jobs and what motivated them to choose the vocation in which are leading figures today. The interviewees share their professional experience to transmit the information needed for young people to make more informed choices matched to their profile, abilities and career interests, in all cases aligned with the needs of the market.

This project aims to contribute to improving young people’s knowledge of the careers available in today’s market and to provide systematic information about the various education and training options available in Portugal through which young people can continuously develop the skills for a particular career, including information about courses and institutions, entrance exams and required entrance grades.

There are currently around 440,900 young people attending secondary school and 390,300 enrolled in higher education. However, it is estimated that half of all students attending higher education drop out during their first year. Several studies show that both the drop-out rate and part of the youth unemployment rate are a result of a lack of information for students about the courses available on the market and the related job opportunities.

Like all projects promoted by the Vodafone Foundation, the Design The Future platform is inclusive, allowing blind and partially sighted users to access all the content available on it.

 Link for access