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Quinta-Feira, 27 de Outubro de 2016

Seal of quality confirms the speed of Vodafone’s fibre network

From today anyone who subscribes to Vodafone’s Tv Net Voz package is covered by the Vodafone network’s quality seal that allows customers to check the contracted fibre speeds at the time of installation.

The move demonstrates Vodafone’s absolute confidence in its fibre network and strengthens customers’ power of decision.

At the time of installation, the download and upload speeds are tested and certified by Vodafone’s technicians and confirmed by the customer contracting the service. The guarantee is valid for fibre packages with speeds up to 200Mbps and residential use profiles. If the speeds do not correspond to a minimum of 95% of those contracted, the customer is free to cancel the subscription within 15 days, at no cost.

All new subscriptions to Vodafone’s Tv Net Voz service include a Smart Router, the first on the market with next generation Wi-Fi, enabling browsing at speeds up to 4 times higher. In addition, this next generation router also includes an app that allows users to remotely control their home Wi-Fi – switch the signal on or off, change the network name and password or control devices that are connected to it, as well as a feature that allows the creation of an additional wireless network to share with family and friends in perfect security, while protecting the privacy of the primary network – Guest Wi-Fi.

With the expansion of its next generation fibre network, which currently serves over 2.5 million homes and businesses, Vodafone continues to consolidate itself as a global operator and the operator most recognised for the service it offers its customers, providing them with innovative, latest generation offers which greatly improve their communications experience.