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Quarta-Feira, 26 de Outubro de 2016

Vodafone represented at Web Summit by six Portuguese start-ups

The Web Summit, regarded as the biggest technology conference in the world, is coming to Lisbon and Vodafone Power Lab will be represented there by six Portuguese start-ups it supports, which were selected through the Road2WebSummit competition launched by the Government under the StartUP Portugal programme.

They are:

  • City Check: Mobile app consisting of a tourism game for the whole family. It enables a personalised route and at each point of interest visited, the platform presents quizzes, puzzles, memory and word games, among other challenges that will provide enjoyment for all who use City Check;
  • Clarice Travel: A platform that operates as a virtual travel assistant. Founded by the same team that created GuestU (the winning start-up of Big Smart Cities 2013), Clarice aims to revolutionise the way tourists explore a city and interact with hotels;
  • Hole19: Solution for golfers who are fans of new technology which assists them before the game (find and book a course), during the game (GPS on the course) and after the game (statistics and links to social networks);
  • Ledviser: Wearable device that allows cyclists to indicate in advance their intention to turn or brake. When the cyclist sticks out their arm to show their intention to turn, the corresponding indicator lights up; when braking, the deceleration activates the STOP sign;
  • Noxidity: Start-up designed to forecast the corrosion of infrastructure and industrial and commercial equipment through the use of intelligent corrosion sensors;
  • Tripaya: Website that operates as a custom travel search engine and which help users to find not only the best hotels and flights, but also the best destinations within the user’s budget.

To ensure the best participation of the six start-ups at the Web Summit, as well as of all the start-ups incubated at Vodafone Power Lab, the operator’s entrepreneurship and innovation support programme will provide two workspaces between 7 and 10 November – one more formal with a meeting room, and the other more relaxed with a lounge – at the head office of Vodafone Portugal, just a few metres from the site of the Web Summit. The entrepreneurs will therefore have access to the best working conditions, particularly for mobile and data communications.

About Vodafone Power Lab

Vodafone Power Lab is a programme designed to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship initiated by Vodafone in 2009. Its aim is to encourage the creation of technology projects in the telecommunications sector through support for incubation, mentoring, workshops and training, and providing the working facilities to enable new companies to develop.

Every year, Vodafone Power Lab receives between 300 and 400 applications seeking support, with the largest share coming through the acceleration programmes it has in Lisbon (Lisbon Labs AUDAX – ISCTE) and Porto (UPTEC) and through its annual pre- acceleration competition, BIG Smart Cities, one of the main Vodafone Power Lab initiatives that illustrates how the support provided by this programme can be instrumental in the realisation, development and successful launch of a business idea on the market.

In addition to leasing co-working space and supporting start-ups with mentoring and training, Vodafone Power Lab also promotes contacts with investors and supports the launch and promotion of their products on the market. Vodafone Power Lab’s various initiatives have so far helped 83 projects and contributed to the creation of over 200 new jobs.