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Segunda-Feira, 30 de Maio de 2016

Vodafone expands 4K content with launch of new channel – Insight UHD TV – and TV Box

Vodafone is reinforcing its policy of delivering the best image quality to its television customers and broadening its range of UHD/4K content with the addition of a new channel – Insight TV UHD – and with the launch of the UHD/4K TV Box, which provides an unparalleled viewing experience of high definition programmes.

The new Insight UHD TV channel is an innovative channel, the first 4K channel entirely devoted to entertainment. The channel will present a wide range of content such as reality TV, documentaries and extreme sports, complementing Vodafone’s 4K content offer.

Simultaneously, Vodafone is launching the UHD/4K TV Box, which gives customers with next generation fibre connections access to a range of channels with image definition four times greater than Full HD and unparalleled clarity, detail, intensity and colour, providing users with greater proximity and involvement with the content they view. In practice, images broadcast in 4K colours are so sharp that users can see details that are impossible to see in SD, HD or even FHD.

After being the first operator to provide a UHD/4K channel in Portugal – Funbox 4K UHD – in June 2015, and having made a pioneering broadcast in 4K last Saturday of the final of the Champions League on Sport TV 4K, Vodafone will also provide 4K coverage of the key matches of the European Football Championship on RTP 4K, starting on 10 June.