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Segunda-Feira, 18 de Dezembro de 2017

Vodafone expands its range of channels with CMTV

As from Thursday 21 December, Vodafone Portugal will be offering its customers CMTV. The Cofina channel expands Vodafone’s content offering and is available to all Tv Net Voz customers at position 8 of the channel grid on the TV box.

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, CMTV offers the whole range of news coverage, with live reporting from around Portugal, journalism and investigative reporting, as well as sports discussions with studio commentators. Alongside the news content, there is also entertainment content, including programmes about celebrities, comedy and feature films.

Vodafone customers can also access CMTV via the Vodafone TV app for PCs, smartphones and tablets. In addition, they can watch again all the content broadcast on the channel in the last seven days by selecting the Automatic Recordings option from the TV menu.

With a next-generation fibre network coverage reaching over 2.7 million homes and businesses, according to data from Anacom, Vodafone Portugal has led the growth in pay-TV services in Portugal for 16 consecutive quarters and is the operator which has been attracting the most pay-TV subscribers, in net terms, since the third quarter of 2013, completing four years’ leadership of this segment.

With its strong commitment to the development of the most advanced and innovative services, Vodafone TV offers its customers more than 200 channels available in SD, HD, Full HD and 4K, increasingly assuming a leadership position at the forefront of the television offer in Portugal.

CMTV is today the leading channel in the pay-TV segment, occupying this leadership for 11 consecutive months. Starting December 21st, Vodafone customers will have access to the wide variety of programs on this channel, such as ‘CM Jornal’, the great CMTV prime time news, ‘Rua Segura’, ‘Hora Record’, ‘Separados pela Vida’, ‘Liga D’Ouro’ or ‘Manhã CM’.