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Terça-Feira, 28 de Março de 2017

Vodafone supplies communications for Cascais Municipal Council and all its municipal companies

The company supplies fixed, mobile and data communications.
  • The Council has adopted the Vodafone One Net solution, a state-of-the-art PABX system
  • The project includes all fixed and mobile services

Since the beginning of this year, Vodafone Portugal has been supplying fixed, mobile and data communications for Cascais Municipal Council, using a comprehensive, convergent solution tailored to the Council’s requirements.

The contract, signed at the end of 2016, is particularly important for its modernity, scale and scope.

The project covers Cascais Municipal Council and all the Council’s businesses (Cascais Próxima, Cascais Ambiente, Cascais Envolvente, Cascais Dinâmica, DNA Cascais, the São Francisco Assis Association and the D. Luís I Foundation) and involves the migration of this group of municipal companies to the Vodafone One Net platform, a complete, advanced, secure and flexible PABX system integrating fixed and mobile services in the cloud.

“Cascais Municipal Council represents a further large-scale, highly sophisticated project for the corporate area of Vodafone Portugal, strengthening its position in this segment. The Vodafone One Net solution, which already counts more than five million users internationally, will provide the Council with a next-generation communications infrastructure”, says João Mendes Dias, Vodafone Portugal’s director of corporate business.

“Cascais Municipal Council has adopted the Vodafone One Net solution as a unified communications solution which will provide fixed-mobile convergence throughout the Council, facilitating communication between all its employees and reducing communications costs overall. This decision arose from a strategy adopted by the Cascais leadership for the digital transformation of the public sector and smart cities, with the objectives of overall efficiency and increased quality of the service provided to its citizens”, says Miguel Pinto Luz, deputy mayor of Cascais.

The many features of the One Net PABX System include, for example, the integration of call management services such as queuing, automated answering, call forwarding and transfer, short numbers, out-of-office or office-closed messages in an environment that integrates mobile phone, landline, fax, tablet and PC.

Flexibility is one of the key features of Vodafone One Net as it is available for various usage profiles: fixed, mobile and fixed/mobile. At the same time, the service offers full mobility, democratising access to PABX services. In practice, the employees of the Council’s various companies now have access wherever they are to all the features of a telephone switchboard on their fixed or mobile phone.

This project, based on a next generation optical fibre network that currently serves over 2.6 million homes and businesses, covers all mobile and fixed services, access to a virtual PABX solution, triple play packages and data add-ons, among other types of service attesting to the scale of the contract.

The Vodafone solution, which does not require investment in hardware, is designed to be flexible, configurable and scalable, making it possible to accommodate the Council’s future needs whatever the number of users or entities. Furthermore, One Net is a dynamic and constantly evolving solution.

So that the Council can get the best out of the solution, Vodafone also offers iTeam, a specialised technical team designed to assist municipal companies in the management and custom configuration of One Net.