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Segunda-Feira, 24 de Julho de 2017

Vodafone “Lights On Lights Off” helps Lourinhã to make 80% energy savings

The “Vodafone Lights On, Lights Off” solution enabled the municipality of Lourinhã last year to make savings of 80% on its electricity bill and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2,158 tons.

The project, which arose from a partnership between Vodafone, Lourinhã Municipal Council and Lightenjin, is responsible for Lourinhã’s ranking as the First Smart Town in the Western Region, raising its sustainability and efficiency levels at the same time as improving the quality of life of its residents and their relationship with the Council.

Unveiled just a year ago, the project combines two elements: replacing the sodium vapour streetlamps in the town’s historic centre with LED technology and an intelligent, centralised management system. At present, the IoT (Internet of Things) solution covers a part of the historic centre of Lourinhã, and it is expected to cover it all by the end of the year, a total of 150 streetlamps.

The savings of 80% in electricity consumption achieved in the last year, which exceeded the estimates made at the start of the project, are due, firstly, to the replacement of sodium vapour lamps with LED technology (70%) and, secondly, to the use of the intelligent, centralised management system developed by Vodafone (32.5%).

LED technology is prized for its low consumption, long duration and great durability. At the same time, Vodafone’s management platform enables real-time supervision of electricity consumption; the definition of light intensity flows; the exact location of each streetlamp, allowing individual management of each lamp or the inspection of groups of lamps; setting malfunction or damage alerts; and the implementation of motion sensors.

 “The results of the first year of the Lourinhã project attest to the success of Vodafone Lights On Lights Off, a turnkey IoT solution that is already creating value for Portuguese municipalities. Over the last few years, Vodafone has invested in the development of new technological concepts and solutions that enable public and private sector organisations to optimise their management of resources, achieve greater cost control, stimulate sustainable economic growth and improve citizens’ lives. Vodafone is pleased to play a part in enabling certain regions of Portugal to become a national benchmark in the field of Smart Cities”, said Mário Peres, IoT Country Manager of Vodafone Portugal.

  “The Lights On Lights Off project is the first project with the smart city seal that the municipality of Lourinhã intends to implement and which combines two fundamental concepts for a smart city – sustainability and innovation. By the end of the year we intend to increase the number of smart streetlamps so as to extend this project to cover the whole of the historic centre of the town of Lourinhã, so contributing to enhancing the municipality’s energy sustainability”, said João Anastácio de Carvalho, Mayor of Lourinhã.

The investment in the extension of the project will be entirely borne by Lourinhã Municipality, which will absorb the total savings made.

A world leader in Machine-to-Machine technology, in 2016 Vodafone was ranked for the fourth consecutive year as the company best positioned globally to meet the challenges of IoT for its “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. In a highly competitive market it has also been recognised in the past five years as a “consistent global leader” in IoT services by Machina Research.

Vodafone Portugal plays a decisive role in the Group’s worldwide ranking. The Internet of Things Competence Centre has a specialised team based in Portugal which works daily on the development of solutions for the Portuguese market and for the entire Vodafone Group.