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Sexta-Feira, 21 de Julho de 2017

Vodafone Portugal Organic Service Revenue grows 5.4% YoY in Q1

During Q1, Vodafone Portugal improved the service revenue positive trend on an organic basis (Q1 17/18 +5.4%; Q4 16/17 +2.2%) driven by strong fixed line growth and a return to growth in mobile.

Service Revenue, one of the most important business indicators, grew for the 7th consecutive quarter, reaching 232 million euros.

Vodafone Portugal now has 4.672 million mobile customers, of which 1.467 million are 4G customers (+60.6% YoY). Data usage accelerated 22,8% QoQ and increased of 87.5% YoY.

The fixed customer base grew 15.9%, year on year, overcoming 600 thousand customers. Vodafone Portugal is the operator who grew the most in the fixed service during the last 14 quarters, according to ANACOM´s latest market data (results from march 17).

In what concerns TV customers, Vodafone Portugal achieved an important milestone: more than half million Portuguese are now watching Vodafone´s next generation TV.

 “The organic growth of the company, the reinforcement of its competitive position and the continuous satisfaction of our customers prove the success of Vodafone´s strategy. In the beginning of convergence, Vodafone had 40 thousand TV customers. Today, more than half million Portuguese can attest the superiority of Vodafone´s next generation TV. Vodafone, that is now celebrating its 25th anniversary, keeps the same promise: to look at the future with ambition, always delivering the best service to its customers”, says Mario Vaz, CEO of Vodafone Portugal.

Between the several initiatives that took place during Q1, the highlight goes to the Summer Campaign. Under the claim “This Summer no one needs Wi-Fi”, Vodafone offered 30GB of data for customers buying any 4G smartphone.

Between the smartphones included in the Summer campaign, customers could find the recent Vodafone Smart N8, that came into stores during June. This smartphone is part of the new Vodafone family, that also includes the Smart V8 and Smart E8.

During the same quarter, another important milestone was achieved, the opening of 200 stores, under the retail transformation project.